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Episode 8 : Invasion Part One!

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Check out our newest episode: Episode 8: Invasion Part One!

It's finally here.... The Invasion.

Invasion was a DC Crossover from 1988.... In fact, it was the first real crossover after I started collecting comics.....  as I mention on the show.

Before I get started with information on today's shows, let me mention that I'll only be covering the main Invasion series, the Starman books, the Manhunter books and a couple of books that crossed over (Firestorm and Flash mainly).

If you want FULL coverage on Invasion and all of the Invasion crossovers, check out friend of the show...  FIRST STRIKE: THE INVASION! PODCAST
In this show, the Canadian hosts Siskoid and Bass cover each book of the series and every book that it crossed over in to.  Be sure to check out our friendly Canadians podcast....

In fact, this past week, they just released episode 15, Starman #5... which I'll mention in just a minute.... but first....

First up, I look at the main book, Invasion #1
Invasion 1
Invasion 1
Cover Date: 1988
On Sale Date: October 11, 1988
Cover Price: $2.95
Editor: Andrew Helfer

Title: "The Alien Alliance"
Pages: 80

Plotter: Keith Giffen
Scripter: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Todd McFarlane
Inkers: P. Craig Russell, Al Gordon, Josef Rubinstein
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino
Colorist: Carl Gafford

Cover Credits
Artist: Todd McFarlane

Reprinted In:
Invasion TPB (2008)

This is the first issue of a three part series that shows an alien race called The Dominators leading a handful of other races in to an attack on Earth.  Also, I believe we get the first post-Crisis appearance of the Daxamites (of which Mon-El is now appearing on CW's Supergirl)....

Then at 52 minutes in, I look at Firestorm, The Nuclear Man  #80
Firestorm 80... a great cover!

Cover Date: 1988
On Sale Date: October 11, 1988
Cover Price: $1.00

Editor: Dennis J. O'Neil

Title: "The Battle Joined"
Writer: Robert Greenberger
Penciller: Tom Grindberg
Inker: Sam DeLaRosa
Letterer: Duncan Andrews
Colorist: Nansi Hoolahan
Cover Credits
Penciller: Tom Grindberg
Inker: Sam DeLaRosa

Then finally at one hour and twenty three minutes I finally cover Starman #5
Starman 5... another great cover!

Cover Date: Holiday 1988 
On Sale Date: October 25, 1988
Cover Price: $1.00
Editor: Robert Greenberger

Title: "Don't You Know There's a War On?"

Writer: Roger Stern
Penciller: Tom Lyle
Inker: Robert R. Smith
Letterer: Robert M. Pinaha
Colorist: Julianna Ferriter
Cover Credits
Artist: Tom Lyle

Note: Pages 12-15 take place concurrently with Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #80 (as I mention on the show).

Take a listen and hear how these two issues intersect....  Also, let us know what you think and be sure to rate us on Itunes.....

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