Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Episode 21 : October 1989

Greetings Starhunters!

We're back once again with Episode 21 : October 1989.

First up, we look Manhunter 20.

Comic Title: Manhunter #20
Cover Date: December 1989
On Sale Date: October 17, 1989
Cover Price: $1.00

Title: "Face of Steel"
Writer: Kim Yale
Plotter: John Ostrander
Penciller: Grant Miehm
Inker: John Statema
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Editor: Jonathan Peterson
Cover Credits
Penciller: Grant Miehm
Inker: Dick Giordano

Synopsis from Mike's Amazing World of Comics:
While Kazuo Hasegawa fights to his death against Dumas, Mark Shaw and Ryu rescue the Shaw family. Mark returns with them to New York. After visiting his mother in the hospital, Mark returns home to find that Dumas has had his apartment bombed. Mark then goes back to Tokyo. This leads to a rooftop fight between Dumas and Manhunter. Dumas rigs Mark's baton to explode, then flees as the rooftop blows up.

Then, at twenty minutes in, we look at Starman 17 with special guest star...

Starman #17
Cover Date: December 1989
On Sale Date: October 31, 1989
Cover Price: $1.00

Title: "Deadly Attraction"

Writer: Roger Stern
Penciller: Tom Lyle
Inker: Scott Hanna
Letterer: Timothy Harkins
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Editor: Brian Michael Augustyn
Cover Credits
Artist: Tom Lyle

Finally at forty six minutes in, we end with Cop-A-Comics Comic Rack.

Promos played this episode:
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