Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Episode 17 : June 1989

Greetings Starhunters!

We're back with a new episode.  For your listening pleasure Episode 17 : June 1989.

This month we're looking at the books released in June of 1989.

First book of the month, Manhunter 16.

Manhunter #16
Cover Date: August 1989
On Sale Date: June 13, 1989
Cover Price: $1.00
Title: "Outlaw"

Plotter: John Ostrander
Writer: Kim Yale
Penciller: Grant Miehm
Inker: John Statema
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino
Colorist: Julianna Ferriter
Editor: Jonathan Peterson

Then at 33 minutes in, we look at:

Action Comics Weekly #622
Cover Date: 1988
On Sale Date: August 30, 1988
Cover Price: $1.50

Editor: Mike Gold
Title: (We Don't Need the Super-Hero)
Pages: 7

Writer: Roger Stern
Penciller: Tom Lyle
Inker: Robert Campanella
Letterer: Agustin Mas
Colorist: Daniel Vozzo

Author Vincent Garvey appears on a talk show in the Phoenix area. While he bashes super-heroes on the air, Starman goes into action to defeat a costumed criminal. His sister Jayne also acts heroically to save the life of a heart attack victim. Both Starman and Jayne display feats of heroism that act directly to contradict the arguments made by Garvey.

Then at 45 minutes, we look at Starman 13
Starman #13
Cover Date: August 1989
On Sale Date: June 27, 1989
Cover Price: $1.00

Title: "Ghosts and Monsters"

Writer: Roger Stern
Penciller: Tom Lyle
Inker: Robert R. Smith
Letterer: Robert M. Pinaha
Colorist: Michele Wolfman
Editor: Brian Michael Augustyn

Finally at One hour and eight minutes in we end with, Cop-A-Comics Comic Rack.

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Write in and let us know what you think of this episode and these issues.  When did you first read them?  What did you think of them then and now?  Let us know.

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